Guitar Care

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GHS Fast Fret
Cleans and lubricates strings. Brightens up your sound and lets you play faster. Simple to use, rub on and wipe off in seconds.
Jim Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil
Fretboard 65 is formulated to clean away grime and return your guitar's fretboard to its original lustre, quickly and easily. Apply a thin coating using the applicator top, work the gunk free, and wipe clean. It's that simple. And once the dirt is
Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
Protects your guitar from damage in dry conditions.The moisture reservoir suspended inside the guitar body releases moisture evenly and slowly to maintain the proper humidity level. Never touches any part of the guitar body. If you store your valu
Planet Waves XLR8 String Lubricant
Easy to use, XLR8 removes friction for faster playing while at the same time cleans the strings for prolonged life and fresh string tone. The container utilizes an ergonomic applicator that allows the player to achieve maximum string performance b